Mariah McCulley

Mariah McCulley

Director of Operations-Animal Friends Alliance

Mariah McCulley has been involved in animal welfare since childhood. She graduated from Colorado State University with a bachelor of science degree in zoology. She began working at Animal Friends Alliance in 2011 and has held numerous positions. She is currently the director of operations at Animal Friends Alliance. McCulley started fostering feral kittens and “cattens” early on and has taught many others to find confidence and enjoyment in helping these cats.


Socializing The Snarky

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Does your organization often see undersocialized/shy/feral cats and kittens? Are you sometimes at a loss for how best to serve them? Are your foster homes interested but not brave enough to give it a try? Does your staff want more knowledge and training to help these types of cats shine? We will focus on approaches […]

Shelter Operations