Dr. Roger Haston

Dr. Roger Haston

President-The Institute for Animals

Dr. Roger Haston is a recognized world leader in animal welfare through his research and public speaking.  He received a Ph.D. in geophysics from the University of California Santa Barbara and an MBA in finance from Rice University. His career began in the oil and gas industry working for Amoco and Arco in Houston, Texas.  Haston moved to Colorado in 1998 where he started and grew Axis Geophysics – a successful business in geophysical data processing serving the oil and gas industry. He had a strong desire to give back to the community and became involved with Humane Society of Boulder Valley, first as a volunteer, then later as a board member and board chair.

With nearly 20 years’ experience in animal welfare, Haston has become an internationally recognized leader in data, trends, metrics, and analysis conveyed through approachable storytelling. He is a highly sought-after speaker who has presented on a number of animal welfare and economic topics at conferences and events around the world. He has touched thousand of people, both within and outside the industry, with his deep insights into the role of animals in our society.

Haston has served on the boards of Humane Society of Boulder Valley, Colorado Pet Overpopulation Fund, PetAid Colorado, Catalyst Council, Emancipet, Animal Grant Makers, National Council on Pet Population, Alliance for Arizona Non-profits and Shelter Animals Count.


Social Capital: A New Framework For Animal Welfare

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Animal welfare is changing rapidly. The types and complexities of the problems we now face have less to do with sheltering and more to do with people, pets, and their communities. Many of the metrics and constructs that we have used in the past no longer reflect the work that is being done. The concept […]

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